The establishment of 24th Air Force, under Air Force Space Command, enables cross-domain synergy, while aligning common technical expertise to present Air Force cyber forces to the joint fight. Consolidating cyberspace combat forces within a cyber-focused numbered air force emphasizes their operational nature, establishes a nexus of existing Air Force combat experience in the domain and allows flexibility for future growth.

24th Air Force Library


The 24th Air Force Library includes fact sheets, biographies, FOIA information, historical facts, relevant cyber reading recommendations and more.

24th Air Force is the component Numbered Air Force aligned under Air Force Space Command and is responsible for providing combatant commanders and the Air Force with trained and ready cyber forces to plan and conduct cyberspace operations.

For further information about Air Force Space Command, please visit www.afspc.af.mil.

Cyber Reading Room

Listed below are books the leadership of 24th Air Force encourage others to read about cybersecurity and national security in the digital age.

Inside Cyber WarfareInside Cyber Warfare
By Jeffrey Carr

Going beyond the headlines of attention-grabbing distributed denial-of-service attacks, this book takes a deeper look inside multiple cyber conflicts that occurred from 2002 through summer 2009.

Cyber WarCyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It
By Richard A. Clarke & Robert Knake

Forget the "geek talk" of hackers and computer scientists, this book explains clearly and convincingly what cyber war is, how cyber weapons work, and how vulnerable we are as a nation, and as individuals to the vast and looming web of cyber criminals.

Cyberdeterrence and CyberwarCyberdeterrence and Cyberwar
By Martin C. Libicki

The protection of cyberspace and the information medium has become a vital national interest because of its importance to the economy and to military power. Libicki discusses the value of deterrence and vigilance and other actions the United States and the U.S. Air Force can take to protect itself in the face of deliberate cyberattack.

Cyberpower and National SecurityCyberpower and National Security
Edited by Franklin D. Kramer, Stuart H. Starr, and Larry K. Wentz

This read is intended to help create a coherent framework for understanding and utilizing cyber power in support of national security. The DoD 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review noted the lack of coherent framework to assess cyber-power policy issues, which drove the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy to direct the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University to undertake a study of the subject area. This book is a result of that study.

Cyber WarfareCyber Warfare: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners
By Jason Andress & Steve Winterfeld

This book explores the battlefields, participants and the tools and techniques used in more recent digital conflicts. The concepts discussed in this book may provide a better idea of how cyber conflicts are carried out now, how they will change in the future and how to detect and defend against espionage, hacktivism, insider threats and non-state actors like organized criminals and terrorists.